Glad you found me! My name is Monte Hahn and I’m a photographer/artist based in the Atlanta area. Check out my about page to get to know me better.


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Who is Monte Creates?

I'm an artist located in the Atlanta area, currently studying at Oglethorpe University. I most often work in the areas of photography and fashion design. My photography mainly falls in the realm of street and fashion photography but also have experience with portrait and sports photography. My photographic areas of interest are rooted in my background as a skater, collegiate athlete, and CEO of the lifestyle clothing brand Rockwell. I always have my camera with me, having spur of the moment photoshoots with friends or capturing intriguing moments around me. If I'm not behind the camera, I'm usually in the classroom or on a skateboard. Basically saying, I'm a regular person with a love for creation and collaboration. Fill out the information under the contact tab and I would love to connect with you!